What Do YOU Think of the New Crests? A Critical Guide with Our Thoughts

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So, the new crests have been revealed. It’s time to choose which of the crests will be used from the 2014/15 season. As editor of FollowEverton.com, here’s my own personal thoughts and we’d love to hear yours too.

At first glance, I was massively disappointed with what was presented, however, I do appreciate the challenges that the club have when it comes to designing our crest. Incorporating the elements that fans deem so important was always going to be tricky. We’ll also never be able to agree on what’s right.

HOWEVER, that’s no excuse for revealing crests which, in my opinion, look like they have been rushed and are not ready… yet.

Certainly, they all have potential, and none look terrible when viewed as large sized images. Though, when small versions of the crests are viewed, they look incredibly cramped because they are trying to keep all the elements. It’s catch 22 in that regard. To summarise my thoughts on each individual crest.

The FIRST crest does look traditional. It probably looks the best when on the merchandise but I can’t keep feel this is a poor knock-off of the crest from 2012. The wreaths look great and so does the ‘Everton’ text but the tower is awful – like a copy of the “outdated” tower from 2012 but with minor changes to the bottom.

The SECOND crest is more modern than the first due to the utilisation of a soft gradient background and more spacing however the position of the elements just doesn’t look right. It looks strange. To be honest, if they keep the one we have now and change the colours to be just blue and white then some would say it looks better than this. There’s just something fishy about the tower.. imbalance perhaps?

The THIRD crest does look decent when viewed as a larger image, but anything smaller and it looks cramped and if anything, rather daft. They tried to balance the emphasis of having the motto at the top with an additional thin white ‘V’ shape at the bottom. The badge doesn’t work work on merchandise or for media though, this is despite it probably being the best crest in its own right. I think that if it had an improved tower and appropriate spacing (so it would look better smaller) than it MAY work. Then again, fans will never agree.


In terms for voting, I expect the first one to win, as it’s the safest choice and ‘similar’ to the popular crest from 2012.Though if this is to be the new crest, I do wonder why it has been changed. The crest from 2012 only needed a few tweaks to be better than this..

I’ll find it hard to decide. I’m all for change if it’s to move forward and improve but regretfully none of these are suitable in my opinion.

So you’ve heard my personal thoughts as editor and I’d love to hear what you have to say about the potential new crests. Do you agree with me?

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  1. What a joke! They look like they belong on a school blazer! I’m so disapointed and feel really let down. DON’T VOTE!

  2. We are locked into what we need. We need the tower. We need the motto. Surprisingly people think the name on the badge is important. People want the wreaths too. That’s a lot to fit inside a shield.

    A circle would give you more room to be creative, like the milkyonedesigns, but unfortunately most people didn’t want a circle, they wanted a shield.

    Basically people wanted the old badge without the stuff outside it, so they picked the 1991 badge (60% picked it).

    Then they had to cram all the stuff into a new version of the 1991 badge.

    That’s the conundrum we have.

    1 really isn’t that bad. It’s not great, but it’s better than 2 and 3.

  3. Spot on Dixie. In terms of crest 1 it is not an improvement on what we have had in the past though. That concerns me.

  4. Don’t undersatnd why we have to cram as much info as we can onto the badge! On all badges ‘Everton’ an the ‘1878’ are far too large! Keep it simple!

  5. I believe that all what was missing from the currentbadge was the NSNO other than that its fine. The 3 we have to choose from look dated and poor. I thought we was moving with the times and there badges look like we are taking a backward step. I’m happy with the currant badge though others dont. If we are to change just go back to the previous badge and everyone would be happy.

  6. I can’t tell you how disappointing these options are. As a designer, routes 2 and 3 are eliminated immediately – bith brwak a lot of design rules and are generally crap. That onky leaves option 1, which despite flaws – overlap of shield and banner, typeface on banner, points on shield and banner – is the only considerable option. Christ – who designed these? Certainly not a typographer which should have been the number one requirement.

  7. The only thing transparent about this whole debacle was that the survey questions led the fanbase to these 3 designs.

    Let’s ask the fans and most will have said:
    Do you want the tower? YES
    Do you want our motto? YES
    Do you want 1878? YES
    Do you want our name? YES
    Do you want the laurel wreaths? YES

    Right lads lets spend loads of money with a design company using the above brief and lets see what they can come up with! What we are offered is what we already had, but all inside the sheild!!

    So bloody obvious – think its a missed opportunity and think some have completely missed the point.

  8. I’m torn between two as I knew I would lol, 1 or 3, probably 3 as it’s a decent cross of 80’s style and modern with all the wreaths/date etc inside it, so thats my vote i think.

  9. I went to one of the focus groups a couple of weeks ago, and we all said there that there should be an extra step in the process, i.e. that there should be 3 or 4 designs, and Evertonians should be able to say what they liked about each, what doesn’t work, what they would change, etc. Then there should be 3 designs to choose from, with an option to vote for “None of the above”. I’m sorry the club hasn’t done that.

    In terms of what they’ve given us, number 1 is the safest, but number 3 could be brilliant with one or two changes – I’d put the “Everton” across the top, take out the unnecessary “V” at the bottom, make the whit border a bit thicker and put the motto around the bottom edge. Shame we can’t do that – I think it would be class.