Pienaar and his contract..

By • May 25th, 2010 • Category: Fan Articles |

Everton really need to decide now if they are going to give Pienaar the contract he wants or sell him.

Everton should not expect to get a substantial fee should the South African be sold and that would mean that it will be hard to replace a midfielder of his quality. Pienaar is believed to want £60,000 per week and Everton are only prepared to offer him £50,000 per week as Everton has a different valuation of the player.

Steven Pienaar says he could move: “Everton may keep me for the last year of my deal. But they could sell me too. If they decide to sell, and the move is correct for my career, then I’ll consider it. “Hopefully this hasn’t been my last season at Goodison. But in football, who knows?”

Pienaar’s agent says Steven rejected the contract proposed by Everton and suggests that a improved offer must be sorted before the World Cup, despite Pienaar supposedly putting contract talks off until after the tournament. Ivan Modia, Pienaar’s representative, said: “My guess is that if, by the first match of the 2010 World Cup, we have been unable to take Steven an improved offer, then he will assume that Everton’s position is final.

Everton also need to be firm to other clubs when it comes to our other players, such as Arteta, that they are not for sale. By saying no – a firm no, the club can get on with their own business of transfers to improve the squad and new contracts for our existing players rather than conducting endless negotiations and wasting time with other clubs out trying to pinch our best players.

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