Reality Bites as Toffees Defeated at United

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As if we didn’t already know, Everton’s squad is threadbare thin when it comes to quality. At Old Trafford yesterday all it took was one missing player which badly threw the team out of shape. Looking at the bench, which has been the story of this season, the blues had 6 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 striker, here lies a big part of the problem.

On social media platforms Dyche has come under some unfair criticism. It was a bold move to start with Simms, a plan which unfortunately did not work. Perhaps if Simms puts his chance away it may have been slightly different but we cannot escape the fact United could have been out of sight in the first half if it wasn’t for the heroics of Jordan Pickford.

Nobody can deny that without Dyche, Everton would already be dead and buried. Many Evertonians are happy to be in with a chance of survival given the position they were in just a few months ago under a clueless Lampard.

If Simms doesn’t play, then there are sections of fans crying out for him, the only fit striker that could possibly make a difference. As it happens Simms played and didn’t have much of a chance to affect the game, though to be fair, service was non existent.

Dyche perhaps should be applauded for being bold. Lampard was berated for not getting at teams, creating next to nothing, passing the ball sideways and backwards. He (Dyche) also, unlike previous managers has few favourites and if a player stinks the place out, hauls them off (see Godfrey).

Amadou Onana is a contentious subject. Nobody is doubting he has ‘potential’ but his ability to affect games seems pretty minimal at the moment, apart from, again, switching off at key moments. There’s already a sense of frustration growing with the Belgian international, geeing up the crowd (as if they’re not supportive enough, considering) whilst perhaps he should be more focused on his game. The £70m price tag is a long way away.

We must not forget that despite United’s dip against the dark side, they have had an exceptional season, winning a league cup and still firing in two other cup competitions as well as being in the race for a Champions League spot. A dose of reality is needed here. United’s squad is far greater than Everton’s, with Everton’s squad recently perhaps overachieving.

The Fulham game is another massive game and another must win. Everton can’t really afford to draw or drop points at home and really, must be looking to take points of the likes of Leicester and Palace. Mitrovic will be a big loss, but Everton can’t fall into the trap of it being an easy game, look at Southampton at home.

It’s the final push for survival. It’s going to be highly stressful where there will be plenty of twists and turns. The blues need to reset, and go on another unbeaten run playing teams in and around them (City aside). It’s still in their hands . Just.

This article was written by our fantastic columnist Simon Barry, who has his own personal Everton blog– so check it out.

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