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Written by Simon Barry, who has his personal Everton blog which can be visited here.

Today’s game coincided with a visit from the US toffees who love a good drama and boy did Everton not disappoint .

A game Everton certainly didn’t deserve to lose and at times you felt it could be the Villa game all over again, dominate in possession but nobody there to stick the ball into the old onion bag.

In the first half there was not too much to shout about with both teams barely laying a glove (foot) on either goal. Notable attempts from (who would soon become) pantomime villain Harry Kane and a shot curled past the far post from Demari Gray. Goodison was relatively flat for a game under the lights, perhaps nerves, perhaps frustration or maybe a bit of both?

Dyche has a clear plan to try and compensate for a lack of goals, James Tarkowski up for several set pieces and winning the lions share of headers in the box, only to be left frustrated by anyone taking a gamble for the flick on.

Spurs were arguably one of the poorest teams to visit Goodison probably on a par with Leeds, shocking considering their embarrassment of riches up top.

Despite plenty of endeavour from the Toffees many of the midfield fell short of quality again, balls given away by Gueye and Iwobi, serial offenders it seems whilst Onana, nobody is doubting his potential, needs to focus more on being on the front foot as apposed to jeeing up the crowd!

The game of course sparked into life in the second half, starring Harry Kane and Michael Keane with a supporting role from Doucoure. First of all, nobody can defend Doucoure. It was idiotic. Arguably MOTM at that point, saw a rush of blood to the head, right in front of the ref. I’m not sure whether it was hanger, stupidity or both but the rules are rules and you shouldn’t be raising your hands to the face.

Many a pundit looked to be focusing on the wrong subject here. Nobody is arguing Doucoure should have seen red but for Kane to react like he had been felled by a prime Tyson is nothing short of embarrassing.

England’s captain, top goal scorer and number 9, Kane is an example to many a child across the country. The Premier League are forever telling us all about respect, honesty and integrity but chances are absolutely nothing will be done about it, after all, it’s only Everton who they make an example of! It’s perhaps some consolation that despite Kane’s ability, he will never win anything in his career. It’s not the first time Kane has used ‘gamesmanship’ to his advantage and won’t be the last.

Moving back to the game, enter Michael Keane, quickly going from zero to hero. Arguably for the incident, if Pickford comes to collect the ball, the penalty doesn’t happen, as it turns out it did, and unfortunately Kane didn’t take his world cup penalty taking boots with him and Spurs go 1-0, undeservedly.

Nobody could have expected what came next however Spurs did not look comfortable. Even with 10 men Everton looked to threaten. Michael Keane in part 2 of his trilogy, a victim of a ridiculous potential breaking challenge from Lucas Moura. Keane’s reaction, an example to the theatrical Kane.

Ellis Simms, introduced for another cameo again showing signs of promise and development, winning headers and some nice hold up play. Mykolenko and Tom Davies also introduced admittedly not greeted with the greatest enthusiasm, Davies taking out two players with one tackle, a night that was full of surprises. But it wasn’t any type of forward player who was to make the real difference. Step forward for part 3, Michael Vincent Keane.

With the game almost over, Keane found himself in acres of space with not a great deal of options around him, Everton’s movement off the ball still a work in progress. With Spurs backing off, a couple of touches to set himself, Keane let fly with a howitzer. With expectation of seeing the ball the whizz past the far post, imagine my (and anywhere other than the Gwladys Street’s) surprise to see the net bulge. Cue pandemonium around Goodison. Goodison when rocking is the best in the league. That moment when the equaliser nestled into the net, grabbing hold of my dad and whoever had the misfortune of sitting next to me is what it’s all about!

This was a game where Everton looked down and out. Many toffees felt a defeat in this game would be curtains for their PL status however, Dyche’s men again showing a never say die attitude. Dyche must be applauded for giving Everton a fighting chance where all looked lost under Lampard.

If you ever get the chance to speak to the US Toffees I’d implore you to. Listen to how they startedtheir journey. Despite the more “fashionable” teams they chose Everton for their history, values and traditions. One couple I spoke to actually researched the whole of the PL and chose Everton just for those reasons. It just shows they do still have some pulling power, if only they get rid of Ray Charles and Stevie wonder from the helm.

If there are any hollywood movie directors amongst them I’m sure they’ll have enough to make a blockbuster although I doubt Harry Kane will be receiving any auditions soon. It looked to be a first trip for many of those US Toffees, hopefully one of many to Goodison and Bramley Moore and it’s  certainly a game they aren’t going to forget in a hurry. As the old saying goes. Once Everton has touched you…

Written by Simon Barry, our new columnist, do check his personal Everton blog which can be visited here.

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