Everton’s History for “Dummies”

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Everton Football Club is an English professional association football club based in Liverpool, England. Everton is unquestionably one of the greatest football clubs in history. The club plays in both the Premier League and the top tier of English football.

Everton was founded as St. Domingo’s Football Club in 1878 by John Houlding. It was named after the Methodist Chapel so that members of the congregation could play sports all year round. In November of 1879, the club was renamed after the local area, Everton. The football club’s name was changed so that players from outside of the congregation were able to play. The club played its first-ever game against Everton Church Club, which they defeated 1-0.

Between the years of 1888-1889, the football club was a founding member of the Football League. Everton won its first League Championship title in the season 1890-1891. In 1906, they won the first-ever FA Cup and in 1914-1915 they won the League Championship for a second time. The Everton football club’s name was growing in popularity, and many knew them as champions. Unfortunately, in 1914, World War I broke out which brought football to a standstill. 

Only many years later did Everton begin their journey to success for a second time. In 1925 Everton decided to sign a new player who went by the name of Dixie Dean. Dixie was brought over to Everton from Tranmere Rovers, and it didn’t take long for him to make a name for himself at Everton. Dixie established a record that still stands today by scoring a total of 60 goals in 39 league games. Dixie quickly became one of Everton’s top players and helped the club win its third League Championship. 

Everton won its fourth League Championship in 1931 and its second FA Cup in 1933, both against Manchester City. Everton won its fifth League Championship in 1938-1939, and the club was on its way to winning its sixth League Championship when World War II broke out, bringing football to a halt once more. Everton was regulated for the second time after the war, in 1950. Everton, on the other hand, did not give up. Everton hired Howard Kendall as manager after the previous manager, Harry Catterick, retired. Howard went on to lead Everton to their most prosperous period.The club went on to win four League Championships and three FA Cups, and success has followed since.

The Everton football club has certainly made a name for itself. The club has a rich history that dates back 144 years. Everton has shaped some of the greatest football players in history and has emerged stronger from adversity. Even after all these years, Everton remains one of the greatest football clubs in the world and will undoubtedly hold this title for many years to come. I’m sure many of you now have a better understanding of the Everton football club and its history. This certainly helps when looking for football betting options and supporting the side in upcoming matches.

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