Everton Fans Match Reaction to Man City Thrashing

By • May 24th, 2021 • Category: News |

After the final whistle, Ryan and David from FollowEverton.com reacted to the 5-0 defeat.

Ultimately, the realisation that Everton had finished 10th despite competing for top four 2/3 of the season, overshadowed an embarrassing defeat.

Nevertheless, it was important to look at the fixture given at this stage Ancelotti had been in charge 18 months and Marcel Brands 3 years.

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  1. It was a joke never even tried to win that match missed penalty although it should of been retaken as two City players entered the box so shocked we finished tenth Leeds and Arsenal above us need more players in the transfer window xx

  2. At least one talented play-maker badly needed, e.g. a James R or Allan who can run!

  3. Well said Gentlemen. Poor players, yes, but the manager has been dreadful. He is like a rabbit trapped in the headlights. Progression NO WAY. The recruitment has been shocking,or lack of it.

  4. We lost badly, but to probably the best club side in the world right now.
    But what I cannot forgive, is dropping 6 points at home to two of the relegated sides, plus losing at home to dross like Burnley, Newcastle and villa. I get it that there is a lot of. Dead wood before we can bring in better player, but to continue to play players like Iwobi and Holgate when we might have given so of the younger lads, and yes they will make mistakes, but they do seem to have real talent to offset there lack of experance.

  5. Relying on DCL to get the goals will not work. I recently read a tale why EFCsold Gary Lineker and the concensus was that although he had scored 40? goals in a season we did not win the first division because we had to alter their way of playing to accommodate him. We need a side where there have to be at least five players who are a goal threat.
    Like to see EFC buy Bissouma? from Brighton. We have never replaced Guye properly.