Who Are The Most Tweeted About Players of 2014/15 Premier League?

By • May 29th, 2015 • Category: News |

It won’t surprise many to see the likes of Joey Barton and Mario Balotelli amongst the list of most ‘tweeted’ about Premier League footballers during the 2014/15 season.

In a fantasy team made up of Twitter favourites, no Everton players feature. The side is made up of the sublime (e.g David De Gea, Alexis Sanchez), the controversial (Mario Balotelli, Joey Barton) and the downright terrible (Radamel Falcao). It’s quite obvious what Twitter uses will have been tweeting about in relation to each player.

In the Premier League Twitter Table below, sourced by Mobile Phones Direct, Everton are the 7th most popular club on Twitter. It’s interesting that there’s generally a rough correlation between league position and Twitter popularity. In terms of social media in general, this is quite apparent. Two relegated sides have the least amount of followers on Twitter and three of the top four have the most. Does this tie in with the fanbase, the size of the club? Bigger clubs have more following and more finances, and are performing better. The lesser sides struggle both on and off the field.

Everton are renowned for a strong social media presence, and with 561k followers, are using it well to keep the club well connected across the globe. We just hope we can do more to reach markets such as America were – despite having one of their national team’s best players (Tim Howard) – we really struggle.

Interestingly, and despite Everton performing well in comparison to the rest of the league, Arsenal and Chelsea both have ten times more followers than Everton – and Spurs twice as many.

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