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08-07-2014, 07:41 PM
Post: #1
Can't believe what I am reading about this ISIS group!

Not long before Britain and America go to war..

What do you make of it all?

Beheading christians AND muslims, and fighting against anyone not keeping strict muslim laws. Shocking and disturbing.
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08-08-2014, 11:35 AM
Post: #2
More lunatics. Once they're gone, some other group'll come along. They're livin' in the middle ages.

If violence is all they understand then terrorise them more than they can terrorise you. Any (british) mooslim goin' out there to fight with them should have their families deported along with if's or buts - get them out & keep 'em out.

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08-08-2014, 12:44 PM
Post: #3
Meanwhile, over on another forum, I see there's a lot of whingein' about gaza........completely failin' to mention that the palestinians & hamas would gladly welcome a mooslim caliphate not dissimilar to the isis are tryin' to establish, as well as the obliteration of the jews in israel......And ANY non-mooslim worldwide, if they had their way

I won't join their "debate" about it - although I'm sorely tempted to put a few people right over there. There's some absolute clowns morons on that thread who just don't get it, and NEVER will.

Anyone visitin' here from that forum can see my views, on this thread.

Pay particular attention to posts #70 and #72.

If they don't like them - hard spaghetti. Nobody can tell me I'm wrong, though - because I'm NOT.

So here's one for those who oppose israeli action in gaza........If someone so much as launched a stone from a catapult or from a fist, with the intention to cause me or mine harm - I wouldn't hesitate to nuke every one of the camel-fuckers right back into the stone age if I've got the opportunity & hardware to do so.

I'd turn that sand into a sea of glass in a heartbeat.........No messin'.

Get the idea? Now apply that to what the israelis are doin'. EVERY SINGLE ONE of those ayrab nations wants them jews ANNIHILATED not just 'moved on'.

And yet most of gaza's still standin'. Most of their population's still alive.

I don't blame them (Jews) in the least for what they're doin' - nor will I condemn how they're goin' about it. They've (The jews) have had plenty of reason to go far further than they have, so those who complain ought to remember who'll be OUR first line of defence if these ultra-fanatical lunatics decide to go postal.

How'd ya like them apples?

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08-08-2014, 01:34 PM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2014 01:42 PM by 1878evertonian.)
Post: #4
Absolute load of shite if you ask me! I'm surprised by you MBIB! I thought you were better than this crap.

You see it as a Muslim V Jew argument, same as people saw the troubles in the north of Ireland as a catholic V Protestant argument. It's f*** all to do with religion. It's Palestinians who happen to be majorly Muslim against a Zionist state who happen to be Jewish. It's about land gain by the Zionists while the Palestinians are trying to defend what is RIGHTFULLY theirs. Religion is the undercard, not the main event.

The Zionists are killing man, woman and child recklessly, they don't give a flying f*** if they're legitimate targets or civilians cowering in an UN school, everyone is fair game to them. It makes me sick, f***ing disgusting.

Shame on you
And them american wankstains can get f*cked too, they created this mess after WW II and they continue to fund the terrorist Zionist state. Oh and who helped form Hamas?? Guess??? Take one guess??? The israeli's!

Did Hamas kill those 3 Israeli teens (the cause of this latest conflict)? No, the israeli's admitted as much but after they had killed over 1000 Palestinians.

Says it all when those kiddy fiddlers at the BBC support Israel.

I'll also go on record in saying that I am NOT anti-semetic but I am anti-zionist
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08-08-2014, 03:46 PM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2014 04:32 PM by Mein blut ist blau.)
Post: #5
Quite incorrect - it's a mooslim vs everyone who isn't a mooslim argument......

...........Brace yerself - it's a long one!

See, I believe that moses parked the jews up in the levant, around 2000+ years ago. Remind me - how long's islam been around?

Because it certainly isn't 2000 years. But it's mooslim's land? How the fook that works out I do not know.

Them mooslims are somethin' like 600 YEARS behind Christianity. And they fuckin' well act like it as well.

So, then I look at history, and I see how the jews have been persecuted for.......well, forever, really. From even as far back as ancient Egypt (Moses again) to Edward I who murdered the jews after they'd funded his conquests of Wales & Scotland; and from the holocaust (Remember that? Them muzzers'd LOVE another!) to as recently as the six-day war........And what do we know about that?

For starters, that's the one where Israel's neighbours kicked off on them - and got the shite kicked out of them in the process.

That's the one where the persecuted Israelis occupied land to ensure their security from further attack.......And who could blame them for it?

Because then the shithouse mooslims started their campaign of terror. Blowin' up buses and such.

That's why the walls were built. f***-all to do with sectarianism, Damo.

Just about EVERY one of those islamic states has at one time or another told of their desire to 'drive the jews into the Mediterranean.'

So, you see, it's a SECURITY issue, rather than any sort of sectarian one.

At least them jews are keepin the mooslims well & truly in check. You post on the mooslim thread - in fact wasn't it you what made it?

With them, it's the jews first - and once they're out the way.......The west's gonna be fair game to them then........

And another thing.....Them mooslims didn't say a dicky-bird.....Until the jews utilised the land & built/ farmed on it.......THAT is when the mooslims started creatin' about 'illegal occupation" because before that, it was all of it scrubland.....the so-called 'occupied territory'.

So, I'll ask again. Why is it that the rest of them mooslims - especially those countries replete with oil wealth - don't wanna know when it comes to the so-called biggest refugee camp in the world?

Because it suits them all to have somethin' to gripe about. Far from them doin' somethin' to help out their 'mooslim brothers & sisters' they prefer things this way to facilitate their anti-everyone-who-isn't-mooslim-sentiment, that's why.

Where were the mooslims when the serbs gave back what they'd had off the bosnian & kosovan mooslims for hundreds of years since the ottoman empire (Balkan conflict)?????

Nowhere - That's where. Of course, as is their fashion, they created, and demanded the western infidels sort it out.

And what did the saudis tell the (Western infidel) coalition forces when saddam fired scuds into Israel?

Yep - if Israel hits saddam, you infidels can all f*** right off from saudi soil!

Duhhhhhhhhhh.......Actin' like fuckin' BRATS.

Just who the f*** do they think they are?

But even so, they were NOWHERE to be seen or heard of when the mooslims in indonesia were wipin' out the Christians of East Timor........Didn't even raise an eyebrow.

Western infidel problem if the Christians get it in Asia. Western infidel problem if the mooslims get it in Europe.......There's NO talkin' to the fookers.

They want what they want - and what they want first of all is the genocide of the jews......ALL of them.

Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, The Philippines, Nigeria, Mali, Togo, Bali, Chechnya.........and other places.....all where the mooslims are kickin' up & MURDERIN' innocents. All places where terrorism is rife.

All in the name of mohammed.........

And what do the oil-rich ay-rabs say or do about it?

Nix, zilch, nada, diddly-squat.

But I'm digressin'...............

Let's get back to gaza, shall we?

Only the other day on al-jazeera, I seen kids in a UN school CHEERIN' hamas-launched rockets launched from no more than 100yds away......

But that school apparently isn't a legitimate target - even though hamas have DELIBERATELY place a launch site there.

So hamas ISN'T usin' kids & women as shields, are they?

And those rockets don't kill anybody, do they? Oh, sorry - they're obsolete & land just about anywhere randomly......which makes them ZERO threat to the Israelis, what with their "Iron dome" defence an' all..........

For absolute f***'s sake Doh

And as a final point - I'll try to find the article - I read the other day of indian AND italian reporters who said they'd seen hamas rockets & launch sites adjacent to/ beneath schools AND hospitals........but were threatened by hamas official NOT to report it.

They're sh*t-HOUSES and it's THEM who are responsible for the 'civilian' losses......NOT the Israelis who have EVERY right to defend themselves.

If them jews nuked every ayrab holy city tomorrow then them friggin islamist lunatic bastards from hamas to boko haram have nowt to terrorise people about anymore.

And the problem would disappear overnight, because they'd have nowhere to practice their 'religion' & f***-all to worship then.

Let's hear them shout 'allah-hu-akbar' if that happens, eh?

rat kopite -> [Image: violent-smiley-099.gif] <-Me

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08-08-2014, 10:08 PM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2014 10:33 PM by 1878evertonian.)
Post: #6
You seem to think that Muslims are Muslims and thats the end of it. You're wrong. There's plenty of conflict between different sections of the Muslim communities, same as there is within Christianity. There's different denominations within both

You're asking why other Muslim countries didn't help out when Muslims were involved in such and such conflict, but do Christians do it? If Christians in one country are getting persecuted, do all other Christian countries come to their aid? No, they don't. In fact in some of those conflicts, it's Christian V Christian.

Anyway, as I said, religion is not the main cause of this conflict between Israel and Palestine (same as it wasn't in Ireland) it's all about land gain for the Zionists so they have their Jewish utopia and keep every other fucker out, yourself included. Religion is the undercard

You speak of Israel's right to defend itself but do Palestinians not have that same right? Let's look at the figures since this latest genocide began last month. Almost 2000 Palestinians have been killed, civilian casualties is around 85%, about 65 Israelis have been killed, 3 of them civilians. Yet the western world sits back and barely mutters a word in condemnation against the Zionists. Absolutely disgusting.

Israel exists today because of the holocaust but now they're inflicting this genocide on another people, they must have short memories. Shame on them and anyone who tries to justify it.
Most recent figures:

Palestinian deaths

1,922 killed, including at least 1,407 civilians
448 children
235 women

Israeli deaths

64 soldiers
2 civilians
1 Thai national in Israel
(Source: OCHA; 0500 GMT on 8 August)
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08-08-2014, 11:56 PM
Post: #7
Just been reading this and found it quite interesting and thought I'd put in my too pence worth, particularly to address / clarify some points made by the Melboune Blue..

*Not every Israeli or Jew is a 'Zionist'. They can support their country and believe in their country without being a Zionist.

*Israel is a Jewish state but there are many thousands of Christians, Muslims living there so there is no 'Jewish utopia' or agenda to keep everyone else out.

*The reason there are more Palestinian casualties is because Israel obviously has advanced weapons and defense systems. If every Hamas rocket hit Israel, there would be thousands and thousands of Israeli casualties and the world would be looking at this differently.

*Israel may be a Jewish state, but anyone blaming Jewish people around the world for a country's accounts needs their head testing. It is like blaming Christians in UK for America's (a Christian country) actions. Jewish people have been scapegoats for thousands of years. People forget that Christianity formed from Judaism - practically the same - with the difference is that Jewish people believe Jesus isn't the Messiah but Christians do.

*NOBODY agrees with Israel killing innocent Gaza civilians - nobody wants to see this. HOWEVER stopping Hamas terrorists is important; there were several years last decade where there was suicide bomber after bomber in Israel - hence why there is a blockade now - to stop them smuggling weapons and suicide bombers going over and killing people. You have to remember Hamas is all about the destruction of Israel and with that in mind there will never be an easing of the borders and the blockade being removed.

*Israel doesn't exist because of the Holocaust. Was actually after first world war around 1917 they had intended to create a Jewish state but plans only came into fruition in 1947. If Palestians had agreed to the plans originally made and had peace, they would have had considerably more land - almost 50% of that territory. Nobody has the divine right to anywhere.

* Jewish people have been persecuted (Pogroms etc) - forced out - (Spain, England etc) for hundreds/thousands of years and the idea is that Israel is a state for them to live
without being under attack. It has worked against them in a way. There will always be extremests.

Which is why ISIS is worrying - they are actually killing fellow Muslims AND Christians AND Jews AND Yazidis - anyone not following strict law. All the non believers are targeted by the Jihadist.

so.. thoughts on ISIS? There is a LOT of bad stuff in the World at the moment..Russia, Iraq, Iran, etc.
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08-09-2014, 08:55 AM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2014 09:02 AM by Mein blut ist blau.)
Post: #8

I'm not interested in the apparent 'unfairness' in terms of casualties. As I've said - if someone so much as flicked a peanut at me or mine with the intention of doin' harm, then they've made themselves fair game AND they've forfeited the right of protection for any of theirs by way of violatin' the rights of me & mine to exist.

Those rockets the the rats fire - they don't discriminate, either. Those kids at the palestinian school are testament to that.

Strangely enough, you agreed with my sentiments on the oil-rich not takin in their mooslim brothers & sisters on the other thread.

I can't pull the figures; but I'll bet that Western aid to palestine at the very least matches that of muslim aid.

More goes to them shits than goes to more deservin' , more peaceful nations. And what do they do with the moolah?

That's right - instead of spendin' it on infrastructure as it was intended, they spend it on new ways to attack Israel.

ZAKAT: "Alms for the poor", is it?

Like f*** it is. More like ARMS for the palestinians

They brought it on theirselves AND continue to do so.

And when it's mooslim against mooslim as it is with ISIS.......Where's the Saudi's influence? Where's THEIR troops goin' in to stamp on the bastards?

It's NO-f***ing-WHERE.

Right so, in Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, The Philippines and the rest of the countries I mentioned - I want you to tell me which one of them where it's supposedly Christian v Christian.

Because not a single one of them are.....They're ALL examples of mooslims attemptin' conquest & subjugation through terrorism. East Timor told me all I need to know about the mooslim attitude.

They're livin' in the times of the crusades for f***'s sake. They're centuries behind civilisation.

Anyone else vs mooslim terrorism = the west best sort it out.

Mooslim vs mooslim = the west best sort it out.

Mooslim terrorism murderin' everyone else = nowt to do with us mooslims guv'nor. But we won't condemn those carryin' out the atrocities; we'll just condemn the atrocities.

Anyone committin' atrocities against mooslim terrorism.........Well that's 'disproportionate' isn't it?

I can't make it clearer than that, can I?


Yer absolutely right.

rat kopite -> [Image: violent-smiley-099.gif] <-Me

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08-09-2014, 10:54 AM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2014 10:58 AM by 1878evertonian.)
Post: #9
Ryan - I can honestly say that is the best post I have ever seen you write and I mean that genuinely.

You will also note that I said i am not anti-semetic but i am anti-Zionist. I said the Zionists want to create a Jewish utopia, that is true, they (Zionists not Jewish) do not wish to share with other religions. I never once blamed Jews in any other country for this conflict.
Right so, in Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, The Philippines and the rest of the countries I mentioned - I want you to tell me which one of them where it's supposedly Christian v Christian.

None of you examples are Christian V Christian cos it doesn't suit your argument. Tell me, what were the main religions in the 2 world wars??
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08-09-2014, 11:44 AM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2014 12:01 PM by Mein blut ist blau.)
Post: #10
You don't have to be jewish to be a zionist. Just thought I'd add that.

And the world wars weren't about religion. They were about megalomania. Don't forget, uncle adolf had already had 7 years of bullyin' the jews & Stalin had already had his pogroms long before we declared war on Germany for the second time.

Hitler & Stalin = Power-crazed AGNOSTIC dictators.

The first time was about german violation of Belgian sovereignty & germanic empirical expansion (Under the guise of "revenge" against the slavs)

Wern't to do with religion, were it?

But essentially, yer missin' the point. Tell me where the Christians are butcherin' the mooslims where mooslims are in the majority?

Sudan? Where the Christians have been gettin' in the arse off them fuckers for centuries?

Where we've read countless atrocities committed by mooslims against the infidels?

Do you blame them for givin' it back? I certainly don't.

If you wanna make it about religion, look at the demographics of these countries & their majority religious followin'.

Kyrgyzstan = Russian Orthodoxy

China = Communist (Buddhist in the main)

India = Hindu

Philippines = Christian (Catluck)

Thailand = Buddhist

South Sudan = Christian

See the pattern? The majority AREN'T mooslim, but it's the mooslims creatin' , terrorisin' & tryin to subjugate in all those countries, and in regions of those countries. demandin' - not askin' for, but DEMANDIN' mooslim rule.

They can get tae fook imo. The lot of 'em.

They won't be happy until the whole world converts[ is subjugated to their sick, twisted ideals.

Where kids can be beheaded for somethin' as harmless as flyin' a kite for complete f***'s sake, where women are treated like shite & stoned to death for bein raped; where they wipe their arses with their bare hands. Where young girls are forced to marry filthy arl preverts & where slavery is the norm.

And even then they can cut yer bleedin' head off for apostasy if you DO convert......Fuckin' psychos.

But yer common & garden mooslim'll say: "They're our mooslim brothers we can't condemn them even though WE don't agree with it"

And nobody'll 'excommunicate' them so they can carry on under the mooslim flag as long as they wish. All the ususal fuckin' 'umming & aahhhhing' from the 'leaders of the mooslim communities' (And who votes these people 'leader'?) is all's you'll get.

You make a thread about the mooslims in Christian countries & now it seems it's ok for what they want here, to do elsewhere?

Nah, they can all of 'em fook off. If they don't like it, have me arrested. I'm not bein' dictated to by anyone tellin' me I've GOT TO like them & I'm certainly willin' to go to jail for MY belief that Israel's method of self-defence is entirely justified.

It's a pity the Israelis don't go to town on the lot of them around the entire region, in my opinion. In 50 years time, this place (UK) will start a nuclear war with the states because them mooslims'll get control of the button if people continue to pander to, and sympathise with them - that's unless they don't get hold of a device or two before then.

Hopefully, I'll be well out of it by then.

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