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Muslims in Christian countries
11-21-2014, 11:37 AM (This post was last modified: 11-21-2014 11:40 AM by SEFTON.)
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RE: Muslims in Christian countries
(11-19-2014 07:05 PM)Mein blut ist blau Wrote:  Just fuckin' HANG the vermin.......AND their families......Restriction orders MY ARSE......Angry26

It's happenin' EVERYWHERE and unless we hang THEM, it'll carry on.

EDIT: Two of the snakes were on CH4 news last night, complainin' that this judgement has: "Left us in fear of reprisals, by naming us"

Hard sh*t vermin. You were collared bang to rights, with a pissed-up or drugged-up underage girl in the back of your car, with a load of you in, on your way to, or outside an hotel. We know what you were up to, despite your protests of innocence.

And they wonder why only their own trust them?!

"We was just givin' her a lift, innit" fools nobody, you filthy PIG bastards. You think we're havin' that? Nah. You're vermin; and if you get castrated & hanged by a lynch mob, I for one will not bat an eyelid.

It turns my stomach every time I hear on the radio/Tv or even read in the paper, how the PC brigade bow down to these people like their a special race , they are only here because are Government are too soft, They are just vermin as Mein say's, parasites who just want everything without contributing anything , they treat are people & Country like a toilet .

I work in an aria of the Country were its 70% Asian to 30% black or white people, Car crime is one of the highest in the Country, kids go missing all the time, they are abducted while walking home from school, Its not a safe aria for kids as Muslim Asians go round in packs with more turning up if there is trouble. anti social behaviour by Muslims is terrible , even the police are frightened to do anything in case it could cause racial tension.

All the Christian churches have been knocked down to make way for Government backed Muslim schools or temples, built with tax payers money.

Only last year Buckinghamshire council protested about having schools for Muslims built in its Borough to accommodate Muslims kids being brought in from other arias while white kids had to travel 3/4 miles to go to school, the Government over ruled the Council causing lots of angry family's to up and leave the aria that now has majority Asian rule.

The Biggest problem we have now ? most are born here ,don't get me wrong, their are many Asians of other religions who abide the law most are peaceful family's ,with Muslims they believe they will take over are Country as that is their intentions, they are not friendly at all and only settle with their own kind, they don't mix or want to integrate into the community's because its against their religion to mix with none Muslims.

Not all Muslims are terrorists , but, all terrorists are Muslim.

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01-07-2015, 11:50 PM
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RE: Muslims in Christian countries
They're f***ing at it again in Paris!
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01-08-2015, 05:46 PM
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RE: Muslims in Christian countries
(01-07-2015 11:50 PM)1878evertonian Wrote:  They're f***ing at it again in Paris!

They're at it all over the planet. They'll never be satisfied until they've achieved global hegemony & subjugation. And still the so-called 'moderates' will wring their hands, and refuse to condemn their muslim brothers.

But it's "Not in the name of islam" is it? Whistle Again with the: "We condemn this outrage" (But we don't condemn the perpetrators).

Get wise, people.

rat kopite -> [Image: violent-smiley-099.gif] <-Me

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