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Forum Open? - Ryan - 11-08-2017 10:37 PM


The forum at this stage is still technically closed and has been for over a year, but just to give some people an update on what's happening here.

We're in the process of a new site design with content focusing on opinionated articles and informative news. This, combined with video content should provide the complete experience.

The major issue has been a lack of funding to get a professional web agency to build the site.

Just whilst on the note of video, we recognise the demand for this is high. This is something we will invest in financially (equipment, editing etc) once we have everything sorted, but are currently experimenting with some very basic video material on Youtube relating to current EFC affairs.

I am open to keeping the forum open should the demand be there - and ultimately in the new year this will be a completely design throughout and mobile friendly.

RE: Forum Open? - Mein blut ist blau - 04-06-2018 01:07 PM

Get a 'kin move on then, Ryan Smile

RE: Forum Open? - 1878evertonian - 05-20-2018 01:42 PM

MBIB it’s been a while pal! Hope you’re keeping well