FollowEverton Forums User Agreement

FFE User Agreement Last updated 25-11-09

We refer the forum as FFE.

By registering as a member of, and being an active user of the FFE Forum you thereby agree to abide by the following guidelines and to adopt the following principles;


Members will not use derogatory or offensive language that in any way means to discriminate, isolate or add detriment to the experience of another member of the FFE Forum.

Members will not act in any way that intends or by effect detract from the experience of another FFE Forum user.

Members will respect the opinions and ideas of other members.

As members of FFE, you are a participatory member of the forum and are free to express ideas regarding the improvement of the Forum or to express concern over any elements you have disagreements with.

Members are not obliged too, and to an extent are discouraged from revealing personal information about themselves or any other information that may be regarded as out of context for the forum, such as your age if you are under a certain age.

As Members of FFE, members will strive to improve and support the service in order to enhance the experience for other users and advance the future developments of FFE and the Follow Everton website

Members will follow the legal guidelines expressed when signing up to the forum and in any further announcements made by the FFE staff.

Any modifications to these guidelines is at the discretion of the FFE staff and it is the duty of members to acknowledge developments to this agreement.


Members will refrain from making overt statements related to political party allegiance or opinion. In particular, members will not use images either for their avatar or signature that depict political images, party motifs or prominent figures.(added November 25th)


*’Users of FFE must note that there is a ban on multiple accounts. Any members using multiple accounts will incur a lifelong ban’*By using multiple accounts from 24th March without permission of the site owner you understand you are breaking the user agreement.



Staff are bound by the rules and obligations as for members but have the following additional duties and restrictions

Staff where possible, will respond to any queries and concerns expressed by members of the forum and will aim to resolve them as soon as they become aware of them.

Staff will, wherever possible, participate in Everton related topics only on the board in order to assure their neutrality and professionalism with regards to FFE.

Staff will aim to keep the boards tidy in order to enhance the professionalism and overall experience of FFE.

Staff will, and have to right to report and remove posts and threads that are deemed to be in breach of this User Agreement.




Failure to comply with the above will  lead to the following:

1st Instance – PM from a Staff member informing that action/behaviour is not acceptable.

2nd Instance – Failure to comply with the request from a Staff member will result in a 1-7 day suspension depending on the severity of the action.

3rd Instance – On return if action continues, a 7-28 month suspension will be applied.

After this, a total IP block will be enforced, and you will not be able to visit the forum and/or the rest of the website.

By Mike Brandon & Ryan Grant, FFE, last updated 11th April 2008

We reserve the right to change the User Agreement at any time.