About Us

FollowEverton.com is the independent Everton FC community website for ‘Everton fans who follow Everton’.

Our Story

FollowEverton was founded by Ryan Grant in December 2007 as FollowEverton.co.uk and became FollowEverton.com in 2008.

Since its launch, FollowEverton has grown rapidly and now boasts an incredible reputation as the respected unofficial Everton website.

We’re particularly renowned for breaking transfer news before other sources as we endeavour to keep Evertonians updated with the most important club matters on a regular basis. Our forum is kept active and lively by a group of loyal members, many who have been posting since the forum was created.

Why was FollowEverton created?

Ryan was a member of the old BBC forum ‘606’. Now closed, ‘606’ was a forum that had a number of issues, including unjustified censorship and Evertonians were often subject to wind up merchants from other fans. These were two contributing factors that made the forum an poor experience, hence the creation of FollowEverton.

The Forum

The FE forum is a thriving community full of interesting discussion and debates. Many of our members meet up before matches and have forged friendships outside of the forum. We also have a sub-forum called “The Lounge” for all non-Everton related discussions. We have a strong website team including forum moderators and writers who help maintain the friendly atmosphere in the forum.