Who Is Going To Be The Next Manager Of Everton?

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It all happened rather quickly and was something that most Everton fans weren’t expecting: Carlo Ancelotti announced that he was leaving Merseyside to return to Real Madrid for his second stint in charge of the Galactico’s, having last won the Champions League with them back in 2014.

Although Everton fans are outraged, there is a level of understanding in that it is hard to turn down Real Madrid. However, Ancelotti’s words ‘of affection’ for Everton, his promises and commitment to the project have all proven to be shallow nonsense given he jumped ship at the first opportunity

Nevertheless, now is the time to look forward and find a manager who may be a better fit, so let’s look at the candidates…

The favourite for the next managerial role at Everton is that of Nuno Espirito Santo after he left Wolves at the end of the season. Nuno has had a pretty good reputation in the Premier League, with two successive 7th place finishes before a disappointing final season. Overall, he could represent a safe choice for the Toffees. He is currently priced at 8/15 so he is odds on to join Everton and as the days go on, it looks more and more likely and can be found available at these betting sites. Nuno has always been a manager, especially during his period that Wolves in which he will demand a transfer budget (for Portuguese players!) and will be interesting to see how that would work at Everton. His 5 at the back and ponderous build up may be unsuitable for Everton fans, but he appears a reasonable option at present.

In terms of the outsiders, then Duncan Ferguson is one of the named which has been banded around as a potential successor to Carlo Ancelotti having worked alongside him during this time there, and he therefore knows the squad. This might be something in which could entice the Everton board as the simplicity of this move, and the ease, could be inviting but Everton will most likely be looking for a fresh start after the Euros and could do with someone with more experience – Ferguson is currently 8/1 to become the next Everton manager. We still feel he would benefit from more experience before undertaking the head Goodison role, possibly as a manager elsewhere, having been part of 4 or 5 previous failed regimes.

And finally, could this be the year in which we see a spectacular return of David Moyes returning to Merseyside having been away since 2013. Moyes career has been on a roller-coaster with him being the successor of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United which unfortunately wasn’t a successful time for him, but with him earning his reputation back this season as West Ham having been nominated for manager of the year. Although it is unlikely that he will leave West Ham, the conversation is always going to be there when a post at Everton becomes available, given how club the close is to his heart.

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  1. I would like Nuno to be the next everton manager. I now he can do a good job there at goodison Park. He would bring the glory days back at everton. The Howard’s way back. And thats why I chose Nuno to take us to the next level . Duncan ferguson second chose he as done brilliant at everton. Look what he did just before ancelotti took over it was good . But I just don’t think he’s received credit for what he did. Duncan as always add a soft spot for everton. He as a heart of a lion. And he could do a good job too.