Everton’s Transfer Market History Proved Big Money Doesn’t Equal Success

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Long gone are the days where a world-class player could be picked up for just a few hundred thousand as new signing fees range well into the lol tens of millions these days, it’s often why looking back at earlier club acquisitions can show just how influential some of the earliest signings were, particularly with the cost to obtain the player too. Looking back at Everton’s past, who have been some of the most influential singings for the club? Ironically some of the clubs best signings have cost the club next to nothing.

Gareth Barry – Perhaps topping the list of any looking back at the clubs biggest signings, Barry is not only loved by Everton fans but is a prominent figure in English football in its entirety. Taken from Manchester City back in 2013 for a nominal fee, he had managed to enter the elite club of a few players racking up over 600 club appearances and showing no signs of ageing even toward the end of his career displaying a huge amount of consistency week after week. It’s rare to be able to find such an impactful addition particularly at such a low cost – also showing that you don’t need to be a huge goal scorer to have an important presence on a team.

Tim Cahill – An Everton legend and a player that became a star of the club the day he was signed, the £1.7 million transfer fee from Millwall back in 2004 doesn’t seem like a big figure by today’s standards. After battling for relegation for years, moving to Everton would be the players biggest achievement with almost a decade of solid performances that even saw Cahill fit the shortlist for the Ballon D’Or back in 2006 too. Whilst not an insignificant fee, it’s still low enough by many standards to be one of the most influential signings for the club without breaking the bank at the same time, something that many clubs would love to be able to achieve.

Steven Naismith – Another of the fan favourites for the club, Naismith was picked up for free from Rangers back in 2012 and as a versatile forward was able to play in any formation required by Moyes – much like Barry he wasn’t a huge goal scorer by any means putting away 26 in his time at the club, but that doesn’t mean his presence wasn’t impactful. He was able to create incredible moments for the club, and despite being sold in 2016 for £9.9m to Norwich and still playing today, he’ll remain one of the club favourites that were signed in the last decade.

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