EXCLUSIVE: Kenwright To Secure New Investment AND Musical Venture with Lord Webber

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Everton look FINALLY set to secure new investment in a deal with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The 65-year-old composer and impresario of musical theatre was on Merseyside to check out the Liverpool production of The Phantom of the Opera – and following an invitation from close friend and theatre producer Bill Kenwright – was invited to attend the Blues home game with Manchester City at Goodison Park.

Lord Webber – who is worth £700m – was spotted in the Directors box for the 2-0 win and was believed to have been so enthralled with the Toffees performance that he and Kenwright sat down for talks over potential investment.. and more.

It is now believed Lord Webber has compiled a consortium – including Evertonian Sir Paul McCartney – that will invest funds into the club to boost the manager’s transfer kitty for the summer.

In addition to providing these funds, Lord Webber – leading the consortium – believes he has the commercial knowledge to bring new revenues into the club. In order to do so he plans to create a musical with trusted friend Kenwright about Everton Football Club.

The production, entitled ‘School of Science’, will look at the history of the club from its formation to the modern day. Bill Kenwright himself will not only produce the musical but play the lead role of ‘Blue Bill’ – singing ‘My Second Mortgage”, “Boys Pen” and “Watch this Space”.

As part of the musical, it is believed Sir Tim Rice and Sir Elton John will collaborate with Lord Webber to produce a special piece called ‘I guess that’s why they call us the blues’.

When asked about the deal, Kenwright was understandably delighted.

“It’s a great deal that myself [and Lord Webber] worked on. I can trust him. He’s leading a group who are investing into the club, and we’re also making a musical”.

However, Lord Webber was unaware that any discussions took place.

No offence intended, love you Bill!

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  1. Good one ha, very funny

  2. Yeah nice one. April’s Fool joke..

  3. You dirty bastards,had me going until you mentioned tight arse McCartney was going to invest.

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  8. Love the inside jokes, very witty. It’s sure an April fool isn’t it, if one hadn’t realised already the last line about Webber not knowing a bean gives it away.

  9. Sad thing about this is that with Billy bullshit you could never 100% be sure it is an April Fool. Just the sort of crap we are used to from him.

    Good one

  10. Brilliant writing, what do the others mean?, this must be genuine, can’t wait to visit the new “theatre of dreams”

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