Everton v Sigma Olomouc

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Here it is again, our annual struggle in the early stages of Europe.  I’m sure no one needs reminding of our previous qualifying matches, and I’m sure no one wants to see it repeated again, and with our opponents having already demolished Aberdeen in the previous round, I’m sure quite a few people will be fearing the worst.

With the Lescott saga still buzzing around the media, Moyes has thrown down the gauntlet, removed Lescott from the first team and has demanded a performance.  The unprofessional, childish behaviour of Lescott and his poor attitude and lack of effort may have been an excuse when he was in the team, but now he’s out the result tonight, and all the efforts of last season to get us here, lie at the feet of the 11 who go out tonight, no scape goats, no excuses.

We’re still without some key players, a list which now includes Lescott, whilst Fellaini is still getting over for his summer illness and Neville or Rodwell will be making a rare appearance at centre back, but that should mean nothing, whoever plays will be seasoned pros used to playing at the top level, and so a good performance and a good result is not out of reach.

It took us 38 games last year to get here, and I’m hoping the team don’t throw it away in 2 again.

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