Everton vs Arsenal – The Race For 4th Begins!

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Well here it is, the season is finally about to start.  It’s been three long months since our Wembley defeat, but I can already feel Z Cars in the air, I can already see my money disappearing down the drain in the bookies, and I can already taste my lukewarm Chang.

The summer so far may have been disappointing by our lack of activity, but we come up against an Arsenal side who have lost two key players and not replaced them.  They are arguably weaker now than they were last season, and may well struggle to hold onto 4th, but that’s no reason to be complacent.  One man we know all too well at Goodison and one man who is certain to terrorise our defence is Arshavin, a player who could well prove key not just in the game tomorrow but in the race for 4th.

Today will be the third time under the Moyes era we’ve kicked off our campaign against Arsenal, the previous two times ending in a defeat, defeats which were expected.  However this time we go into this game as an early six pointer.  It may only be the first game of the season, but it could prove crucial in the race for 4th.  Everton could well score an early victory against our main rivals for 4th, and with us, City and United away in the first 6 games for Arsenal, we could well have an early season lead and a big confidence boost, but if the result goes the other way it could spur Arsenal on to a blistering start and see us being forced to play catch up, a position we can’t really afford to be in with a small squad that will likely tire towards the end of the season.

It may only be one game, but it’s a game I’ve been waiting three months to get to, and it’s a game that could set up a successful season for us.

Elsewhere our other main rivals for places are in action.  Aston Villa, still without replacements for two key players Barry and Laursen, come up against Wigan.  Spurs (I don’t know why I’m mentioning them as one of our rivals, but the melted candle faced wheeler dealer and his merry bunch of misfits are apparently in the race for 4th) are in action against the RS, and our beloved Manc billionaires are up against Blackburn.

As we gear up for 2009/2010, share your views on the match on our Match Day Thread and tell us your predictions for the Winners and Losers this season.

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