The Everton Family

By Liam White • Dec 9th, 2009 • Category: Interviews, Website Features |


Things have changed a lot at Everton since a group of cricketers from St Domingo’s Methodist church carried posts to Stanley Park to play football during the winter.  Nowadays Everton reach many different people in many different ways.  Whether that’s through the charitable Everton Foundation, sponsors or retail the club plays an increasingly important role across the region.  The club not only has a football men’s football team but now spreads to a ladies football team, an academy, even a basketball team.  There are many stakeholders who have interests in the running of the club from the board to the shareholders association and fan groups like KEIOC and many many more.  Everton nowadays really are far more than a football team, it goes far beyond a kick around of a ball on some grass, Everton are now a large and important organisation.

Over the next few weeks I am going to look into the ‘Everton Family’, how it all comes together and how the many thousands of different opinions from the fans, club and other groups come together and disagree over the challenges the club faces.

So keep visiting to see interviews from many people in the Everton Family and hopefully take a fresh look at the great club we call Everton.

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